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In  our domestic law, foreigners and citizenship  law consists of international agreements to which are a party as per article 90 of the Constitution and legislation on foreigners law. There are regulations for the acquisition of Turkish citizenship in various ways, residence permit, right of abode, work permit and many other areas.

Turkish citizenship can be acquired with birth or later. Later acquisition of citizenship can be possible with; competent authority judgement, adoption and right of choice. Citizenship acquisition with competent authority judgement has it’s own parts, first of them is acquisition of Turkish citizenship by general way and for this some concrete and abstract conditions are required.  Some of the concrete conditions are; mental competence, majority, residence clause. On the other hand abstract condition is evidence by behavior of the intention to emigrate to Turkey. Fort his abstract condition, what matters is the breast of court. Second of them is acquisition of Turkish citizenship with exceptional way. In this kind of acquisition for the person to acquire the Turkish citizenship perceived necessity or social, economic, cultural etc. Benefit is required. These benefits can occur with economic activities such as capital investment, real estate purchase, being intermediary in government debt, buying real estate investment fund participating share and etc. Third way of acquisition of Turkish citizenship with competent authority judegement is regaining citizenship. For this way, the residence condition may or may not be sought for the person who lost Turkish citizenship to gain citizenship again. Both circumstances have different requirements. The last way of acquisition of Turkish citizenship with competent authority judgement is gaining Turkish citizenship through marriage. This gaining process has two steps; first of all applicant must have three year and lasting marriage with a Turkish citizen. If this condition is met, secondary conditions are sought for the applicants.

 In the acquisition of Turkish citizenship by adoption; According to national law, there should be no obstacle to national security and public order regarding the minor child. On the other hand it is not possible for a person who was adopted while adult to acquire Turkish citizenship through adoption. This person must be able to use one of the other gaining titles in the legislation.

Expressed in acquisition of Turkish citizenship by the right to choose is; an opportunity for children ,who have lost Turkish citizenship due to renunciation of Turkish citizenship by their mother or father, to acquire Turkish citizenship by applying within three years from their adulthood.

As can be seen, Turkish citizenship can be acquired through different ways and there are different conditions which are required for each of these ways.

We provide legal support to our clients with our expert team in international law and citizenship law for each of the ways to gain Turkish citizenship that requires technical knowledge. 

Different procedures and different conditions are required for the loss of citizenship as well as for the acquisition of Turkish citizenship. Loss of Turkish citizenship occurs through competent authority judgement and exercise of right to choose. Loss of Turkish citizenship with competence authority judgement can be realized with different ways as; renouncement of citizenship, expatriation, revocation of naturalization.

 A person who is a Turkish citizen can lose his / her Turkish citizenship with his / her own will by obtaining permission and acquire the citizenship of another country or continue to use other existing .citizenship or citizenships by using renouncement of citizenship. Loss of Turkish citizenship with renouncement  depends on the will of the applicant, the fulfillment of the conditions and their permission given by the Ministry. Persons who have Turkish citizenship at birth and lose Turkish citizenship with a renouncement permit and their descendants up to third degree will be able to benefit from certain rights. In order to benefit from these rights, people must request a Blue Card. 

After loss of Turkish citizenship with expatriation and revocation of naturalization, regaining Turkish citizenship can be possible if the conditions are met. 

Loss of citizenship with right of choose can be possible only if the person will not become stateless as a result of result of the loss of citizenship. Also as a perquisite, application must be made within three years of adulthood. We follow the legal determinations and legal procedures with the care given by our experience on behalf of our clients. 

Similarly, the foreign residence permit  in Turkey depends on different  conductions and procedures. Also it may differ to the current situation of applier. Foreigner staying more than their visa period or 90 days in Turkey should apply online the residence permit type which is right for them. Foreigners can apply personally or through their representatives. There are six kinds of residence permits; short-term residence permit, family residence permit, student residence permit, long-term residence permit, humanitarian residence permit , human trafficking victim residence permit. Current status of the foreigner who will apply, agreements between foreigners’ country and Turkey and residence type to apply changes the application requirements. Foreign work permits in Turkey also require similar process. The work permit application can be made by the foreigner or the employer who wants to obtain a work permit. In order to obtain a work permit with this way, applicant must have a residence permit. For foreigners without residence permit in Turkey more than six months work permit application can be operated from abroad. In this case, the application will be made through the Turkish Consulates and Embassies. We ensure that the process is run for work permit applicants and residence permit applicants with our expert team in international law.

One of areas where our law firm also provides legal support is  acquisition of real estate by foreigners in Turkey. Foreigners have the right to acquire real estate within certain limits. First of all foreigners who can acquire real estate be determined with in terms of international bilateral relationships and  by the President in cases where the interests of the country require. There are also areal and regional restrictions. Real estate sale happens with a formal contract and land registration.  Also foreigners are obliged to notify the Ministry within a certain period of time the projects they will carry out on the property that they have purchased.