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Labor and Social Security Law is a branch of law that includes the resolution of a wide variety of legal disputes and has a dynamic structure that is needed by the employer and employee. In order to win a possible conflict for the employer, it is necessary to do everything in accordance with the legislation while the employment contract continues.It should be known that when the dispute is brought to the court, the cases will be concluded in favor of the employee. Therefore, legal counselling is very important in such disputes. In our office, in this branch of law, legal services are providedto both workers and employers at the point of consultancy and litigation. The most common dispute in this branch is undisputedly the action of debpts between the employee and the employer. Generally, following the termination of the employment contract, the worker goes to the way of filing a lawsuit for his rights and receivables of the labor and receives professional assistance in order to obtain the receivables he deserves in this process without any loss. It will be beneficial for the client to working with a law firm that knows the strenghts and weaknesses of the employee and employer side in such cases.

 Another case that should be mentioned in the Labor Law is the reemployment cases. There are some conditions in the law in order to open the case in question, and employees who actualize the conditions can file a reemployment lawsuit. With the reemployment lawsuit, the employee entitles to reemployment and applies to the employer by observing the time specified in the law. The employer has to start the employee to work within 1 month from the application, and in case he does not, he must pay the employees idle time feeand the non starting compensation. As Arslan Law Firm, our office also serves to manage all these processes in the best way.

 Another lawsuit that can be substituted in terms of workers in Labor Law is the compensation cases arising from occupational accidents. These cases also require the employee to receive a professional legal service. As Arslan Law Firm, we also act as attorneys in compensation cases arising from occupational accidents. One of the most important points in these cases is to be able to analyze the expert reports received by the Court during the trial correctly. Therefore, it has a great importance that the worker works with a lawyer in such disputes that require a technical point of view.

 Another type of lawsuit that should be mentioned in Labor and Social Security Law is service of action for fixing of period of service. Although the worker works with the employer, no insurance entry is made or underpayment is made. Therefore, service determination cases areof great importancein terms of correcting the number of premium amount with the SSI (Social Security Institution). The most common issue here is the danger of rejection of the cases due to the statute of limitations, and the exeptional cases regarding the statute of limitations should be evaluated well.

 The types of cases mentioned so farhave been evaluated in terms of the employee, and we also have files in which we have served as employer attorneys in the same cases. Because the service we provide before the employers usually starts with the termination of the employment contract of the employee, and it can be said that this is the monst important point in employment cases for employers. One of the biggest mistakes employers make is that they exit the workerwith the wrong code. Even if the worker will be excluded from violating the rules of ethics and goodwill, employers often enter their exit codes incorrectly at the SSI and may lose the case for this reason. Again, even in cases where the employers terminate the employment contract due to a valid reason, the workers also win the reemployment lawsuits because they mismanage the termination procedure. Although there is an interpretation principle in favor of the employee nin our law, there may be lawsuits thatcan be won in terms of employers. However, as we have started, on the condition that the termination process is managed correctly… Therefore, as Arslan Law Firm, we provide services to ensure that the concrete case in the lawsuits related to Labor and Social Security Law.

 In addition, our office also provides services to employers in terms of premium incentives before the SSI, and we have experience in both legal consultancy and lawsuits. Therefore, wewould like to inform you that our office is always ready to serve with its expert staff in this field for all disputes arising from Labor and Social Security Law.

 Finally, wewould like to state that another service issue we provide to our clients as Arslan Law Firm is temporary employment relationship and the detailed explanation regarding this is mentioned under a separate title.